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Bruce Springsteen Stars in Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12

[Editor’s note: The following contains mild spoilers for Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 12 Episode 9, “Ken/Kendra.”]

Bruce Springsteen delivered a hilarious turn as himself on the latest episode of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sunday night (March 31st), butting heads with the ever-cranky Larry David.

Without giving away all the details, Larry finds out that the rock icon wants to meet him in admiration of his “activism” in Atlanta. The Boss then shows up for breakfast with Larry and his manager Jeff Greene (Jeff Garland), during which the conversation centers around Larry’s awkward experience with a masseuse. Then it gets even more uncomfortable, as Springsteen’s manager Ken (Ian Harvie) recalls a sexually explicit past with Larry, back when Ken was Kendra — leading Larry to cringe and squirm.

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But wait, there’s more: A mix-up over drinking glasses at the breakfast results in Larry possibly infecting Springsteen with COVID, putting a halt to the latter’s farewell tour and turning the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer’s fans against the Seinfeld creator. That leads to a confrontational climactic scene between Larry and Springsteen.

Aside from serving as a centerpiece of the episode, Springsteen proves to be a natural actor — in fact, you can even say he was born to act. The rock legend went toe to toe with Larry, without missing a beat, even uttering a few profanities along the way. The Jersey kid hasn’t done too many cameos as himself over the years, but he may have a future as a thespian if he ever does complete an actual farewell tour.

For now, Springsteen has no plans on hanging up his guitar, as he’s currently in the midst of a US tour that runs through an April 21st show in Columbus, Ohio. He’ll then hit the UK and Europe in May and June before returning to the States for another run of shows beginning in August.

Pick up tickets to Springsteen’s upcoming shows here, and see a recap and setlist from his tour kickoff in Phoenix earlier this month. And don’t forget to tune in this coming Sunday to see the series finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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