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Boris Announce Split Album With Fellow Japanese Band Coaltar of the Deepers

Experimental metal act Boris have announced a split album with fellow veteran Japanese band Coaltar of the Deepers. The LP, titled hello there, arrives March 22nd.

Both acts formed in the early 90s, and Boris member Takeshi has cited Coaltar of the Deepers’ shoegaze sound as an influence on his own band. The two previously collaborated in 2019 when Boris covered Coaltar of the Deepers’ 2007 song “To the Beach” for their tears EP. Boris’ version was produced by Coaltar of the Deepers singer-guitarist Narasaki.

The upcoming album features six songs, with Boris commenting that the concept is to “present newly recorded self-covers of past songs to today’s listeners,” as well as “a new attempt to specify songs to the other band and cover each other’s songs.”

The LP contains three Coaltar of the Deepers tracks, including new versions of two of their songs and a cover of a Boris tune (“Melody”), and three Boris tracks, including a cover of Coaltar of the Deepers’ “Serial Tear.”

Take a listen to the two cover songs below, and see the album artwork and tracklist. Pre-order hello there at this location.

hello there Artwork:

boris - hello there

hello there Tracklist:
01. Wipeout (Coaltar of the Deepers)
02. Melody (Coaltar of the Deepers – Boris cover)
03. Waterbird (Coaltar of the Deepers)
04. Killing Another (Coaltar of the Deepers)
05. Luna (Boris)
06. Quicksilver (Boris)
07. Serial Tear (Boris – Coaster of the Deepers cover)




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