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Black Mirror Season 7 Premiering on Netflix in 2025

Netflix has announced Black Mirror Season 7 will premiere in 2025 with six new episodes.

Already in production, the seventh installment of the dystopian sci-fi anthology will feature a sequel to the Star Trek-inspired Season 4 episode “USS Callister.” Starring Jesse Plemons as reclusive programmer Robert Daly, the episode revolved around his character’s creation of a simulated reality in which he served as a Captain Kirk–like figure commanding a crew based on his real-life co-workers.

No details have been shared about the sequel episode, except that the USS Callister crew’s “problems are just beginning.”

Season 6 of Black Mirror premiered last summer, featuring a viral first episode playing into fears about deepfakes and AI that resulted in a spike in Google searches looking into Netflix’s terms and conditions.

Check out our definitive ranking of every Black Mirror episode, and watch a teaser trailer for Season 7 below.

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