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Billionaire Building Titanic II Ship With Goal of Ending Wokeness

Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer has spent the last decade attempting to construct a fully functional replica of Titanic.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Palmer discussed the status of the project, as well as what he hopes to achieve with it. As Palmer explained, his initial plans to launch the ship in 2016 were delayed due to a variety of factors, including figuring out how to “incorporate all the safety provisions and still keep the design of the ship the same  — that was a lot harder than we thought.” (If you recall, the original Titanic sank after crashing into a iceberg. Palmer is intent on not having that happen again!)

“One of the problems we had with the Titanic is that you have to make it safe,” Palmer explained. “You’ll remember, in the [Titanic] movie you had the guy in the crow’s nest saying ‘Iceberg!’ That was because from the from the bridge, you couldn’t see over the bow. We can’t do that today. So we had to put a whole new deck in the Titanic.”

The pandemic also hindered the project’s timeline. However, Palmer doesn’t foresee issues with future global health catastrophes, because Titanic II will be a “Covid vaccine-free environment.”

“We don’t believe people should be compelled [to be vaccinated],” Palmer stated. (He previously funded a lawsuit on behalf of Australian police and paramedics who faced disciplinary action for refusing to comply with a vaccine mandate.) Even so, Palmer said, vaccinated passengers will be welcomed. “We’ve got to extend our hand in love and friendship for people being vaccinated despite the side effects. We have to look after them. And they’re all good people. We’re all the same really, like white, green, yellow, whatever it is — to embrace each other.”

But Palmer’s biggest goal with Titanic II is to create an “international symbol” of peace amid a time of strife in Ukraine, Gaza… and, of course, the Great Woke War of 2024.

During a press conference offering an update on Titanic II, Palmer reflected on the lessons learned from the original ship. “We think about the musicians [who played as the ship sank], the rescuers, the engineers… we also think about the Titanic and how it was designed by the Irish and other designers. We also remember the thousands of lives saved by the Titanic disaster because of the changes made to lifeboats and watertight compartments. All of those things we should appreciate as part of our culture, part of our story. The only way we can really do that is by remembering that, promoting that, and putting it out there as a value that we can live with. And we see in a time when traditional values are under threat by woke people who believe we aren’t Australians, that we don’t all have the same rights… I want to put those very revolutionary, very unorthodox ideas out in this particular time of turmoil.”

Expanding on that sentiment in his interview with Rolling Stone, Palmer said, “There’s been a concept in society that you can cancel people. I think you know what I mean by ‘canceled’ people, and we think that’s a terrible concept. The United States was founded on the rights of men to be different. The diversity that we’ve had in our economy, in our intellectual development has really meant that’s developed our society to a higher level. I’m talking about Western society in general. So the French Revolution, the American Revolution, all those things were brought about by individuals [claiming] their rights to express an opinion or view. I mean, you should have the right to be wrong.”

Palmer is self-funding the project entirely himself. The current plan is to begin construction in 2025.

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