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Bad Omens and Poppy’s “V.A.N” Is Our Heavy Song of the Week

Heavy Song of the Week is a feature on Heavy Consequence breaking down the top metal and hard rock tracks you need to hear every Friday. This week, the top spot goes to Bad Omens and Poppy’s collaborative track “V.A.N”.

We’ve heard of musicians using AI to make music, but what about musicians actually becoming the AI?

Poppy is a fitting artist for such an experiment, having cultivated a very techno-futuristic image in recent years, and she becomes the voice for the fictional AI entity “V.A.N” (“Violence Against Nature”) on the song of the same name — a collaboration with Bad Omens.

This is no mere guest feature, as the song’s industrial metal sound aligns with Poppy’s own solo work. Her whispered vocals become harsh screams as the song builds in intensity, with Bad Omens adding metal instrumentation to the electronic textures already in place. It’s one of those collabs — often seen in hip-hop — where the the track could easily slot in on an album by either artist.

Honorable Mentions:

Bruce Dickinson – “Rain on the Graves”

We’ve now heard two songs from The Mandrake Project, and they both kick ass. “Rain on the Graves” was co-penned by Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Roy Z, and the duo keep the guitars and organs hot in the mix, creating a gothic power-metal atmosphere that’s driven home by the regal horror of director Ryan Mackfall’s video. It’s also our first look at Dickinson’s “house band from hell,” aka his solo-band ensemble, as seen in the clip. Compared to Iron Maiden, this is a bit looser and dare we say heavier, but no less polished or serious. Bruce’s notoriously high-level of quality control would have it no other way.

Dying Fetus – “Throw Them in the Van”

Props to Dying Fetus for dropping a new song with their tour announcement. More bands should do that; it’s a great way to build hype for the shows. Especially if the track is a sub-two-minute ripper about throwing dismembered body parts in the van next to the gear. Death metal has been getting rather cute lately, for lack of a better word. Ornate, if you will. And while we love our artsy prog/tech-death metal here at Heavy Consequence, sometimes you just need a meat n’ taters thrasher to get pummeled by.

Mick Mars – “Undone”

Ex-Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars slows things down on his latest solo single “Undone.” This track has a more AOR/hard-rock ballad vibe as opposed to the other songs we’ve heard from The Other Side of Mars. Here, Winger keyboardist Paul Taylor steps up to supplement Mars’ guitar textures, and the results, not surprisingly, kinda sound like Winger (which is a good thing, let it be known, and is in no way a diss on Winger or Mars). The guitarist is proving why we slated his upcoming solo debut among our most anticipated heavy albums of 2024.




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