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Anti-Flag’s Justin Sane Plans to Flee US, According to Rape Accuser

Anti-Flag’s Justin Sane has been accused of planning to flee the United States to Europe in court documents filed as part of a sexual assault lawsuit against the singer.

As reported by Rolling Stone, Kristina Sarhadi’s amended complaint alleges that Sane (born Justin Geever) has “purposefully and unlawfully attempted to avoid service” in the lawsuit she first brought against him in November 2023.

The lawsuit claims that Geever recently sold his house in Pittsburgh and has attempted to “hide his assets by transferring funds overseas to an Irish bank account.” According to the complaint, Geever “plans to flee to Europe within the next few days.” (The singer reportedly maintains a dual citizenship and holds an Irish passport.)

What’s more, Geever’s attorney Michael Johnson allegedly went “silent” during settlement negotiations and failed to serve Geever with the lawsuit. Sarhadi requests that the judge authorize Geever’s sister Mary, who reportedly has Power of Attorney, to be served on his behalf.

Anti-Flag suddenly announced their breakup last summer after rape accusations mentioned by Sarhadi on a podcast were tied to Geever. In September, he was accused of sexual misconduct by 12 more women who came forward in a Rolling Stone report.

Though the other Anti-Flag members responded by issuing a statement telling Geever “fuck you for hurting so many people,” Sarhadi claimed his former bandmates were “aware of Geever’s practice of sexually assaulting young women and girls” and thus included the band’s company, Hardwork Distribution, in the lawsuit.

In a press release, Sarhadi claimed that Anti-Flag has “taken extreme steps to avoid responsibility.” She added, “To date, no member of Anti-Flag has owned up to their actions or apologized for failing their duty to reasonably protect their fans and community.”

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