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Analyzing V’s “Fri(end)s” Music Video: BTS Podcast

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V of BTS is back with a brand new music video for his song “Fri(end)s,” so it’s time for Kayla and Bethany to jump into action and break down its every aspect! On this episode of Stanning BTS, they dive into the music, lyrics, production, and visuals of the new music video. Listen above or wherever you get your podcasts.

As Kayla and Bethany discover, the “Fri(end)s” video’s ’50s/’60s aesthetic plays off the retro groove and melody of track. Visually, it illustrates the dissonance between bitter loneliness and being absolutely lovestruck. It portrays the experience of being without love while seeing it all around you while simultaneously reflecting what it’s like to be so blissfully in love that you’re unbothered by everyone else’s issues.

The song plays with themes of desire, with lyrics like, “Got me deep in my feelings/ When I should be in your bed.” It captures that feeling of wanting to take it to the next level with someone, but being unsure or unable of how.

Listen to Kayla and Bethany dive into the new video above, and be sure to subscribe and review wherever you listen. ARMY faithful can also pick up the Stanning BTS T-shirt, now on sale at the Consequence Shop — available in two colors! Then, don’t forget to check out all the Consequence Podcast Network series.

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