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Algoriddim's djay Software Enters Augmented Reality With Apple Vision Pro

Algoriddim is redefining the possibilities of the DJ booth in the world of augmented reality. 

As Apple Vision Pro headsets have begun to hit the market, Algoriddim has once again proven their commitment to innovation by introducing a native spatial version of their renowned djay software tailor-made for the platform.

Algoriddim’s latest offering brings virtual vinyl decks to life, allowing DJs to mix, scratch and spin tracks in an virtual environment that’s as close to reality as it gets, yet with the added possibilities that only AR can offer. This groundbreaking approach to DJing is made even more impressive by its reliance on sophisticated, entirely gesture-based controls, enabling DJs to manipulate their music and engage with their audience in ways previously unimagined.

As CDM notes, Algoriddim’s approach is particularly powerful as it wholly embraces the seamless use of Apple Music to power the AR DJing experience. In addition to their personal collections uploaded to the platform, this connection ensures that DJs have an unparalleled array of tracks at their disposal, ready to be deployed into their sets with the flick of a wrist.

Apple Vision Pro headsets are now available for U.S. customers starting at $3,499.




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