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Ableton and Teenage Engineering Veterans Launch New Music Tech Company

Veterans of two of electronic music’s most influential tech companies have joined forces to launch a new venture, Forever 89.

The nascent music tech firm is poised to imminently unveil a groundbreaking product that harkens back to the revolutionary spirit of the late ’80s and early ’90s, according to its founders, Svante Stadler and Rikard Jönsson. They hail from Teenage Engineering and Ableton, respectively.

“As musicians and instrument designers, we always seek opportunities to support our own and others’ music-making journeys,” Jönsson tells EDM.com. “Few things are as exciting as talking to—and sharing knowledge—with others on how they make precisely the kind of music they make. There’s always something new to learn.”

Forever 89 aims to continue raising the bar for industry standards and the company’s first trailer, titled “A New Way,” suggests they’re starting with a tool conducive to building, shaping and streamlining the development of rhythmic percussion.

Jönsson was the sole Product Marketing Manager at Ableton, where he brought multiple campaigns for the seminal Ableton Live DAW to market. Stadler cut his teeth providing technical expertise for several leading music tech companies, including Teenage Engineering, Reason Studios, Auxy, XLN Audio, Mellotron and Pacemaker.

“The need and desire to start our venture came naturally after we talked,” Jönsson continues. “Svante and I share the same vision for shaping new music-making tools with a modern UX design. If we were just making another drum machine, synth or effect, neither of us would embark on this journey. We want to ensure that every release we do will bring something new to music makers around the world.”

You can keep a pulse on Forever 89 and its debut product release via the company’s website.




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