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10 Albums for Falling in Love

Crate Digging is a recurring feature that takes a deep dive into music history to turn up albums all music fans should know. In this edition, The Bachelor’s newly engaged final couple, Joey and Kelsey, talk through ten albums to score the perfect love story.

The full interview with Joey and Kelsey is also available as an episode of the Consequence UNCUT podcast. Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.

In order to create a perfectly dramatic finale, The Bachelor requires that a few secrets are kept tightly under wraps each year. This season’s final couple, Joey and Kelsey, have been together for months now, but only just became public following the conclusion of the show’s 28th installment.

Prior to this week, the two had to stay especially tight-lipped, but they found comfort in songs like Taylor Swift’s “Dress.” “‘Our secret moment in a crowded room/ They have no idea about me and you;’ that’s exactly how I feel whenever Joey and I make eye contact,” Kelsey says. “There’s all these other women here, but it just feels like us in that moment.”

“Whenever I missed Kelsey, I told one of the producers, ‘Play that song right now,’” Joey confirms. It became a secret code for the two while navigating the inevitable drama of dating on ABC.

Now engaged, Joey and Kelsey decided to round up some of their favorite albums that make them think of love, which mostly means albums that makes them think of each other.

“I’ve shown Joey a lot of music; I’m not sure he likes it all, but we overlap on pop and country,” shares Kelsey. Joey adds, “We do both like alternative and singer-songwriter style music, but country’s been huge for me as of late.”

Read through all the picks from the couple below, or listen to the full podcast chat above.

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